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//Private thoughts, firewalled from students and faculty//
To say that the last couple of weeks have been hectic would be an understatement. I can't quite believe I'm here, back at Sunnydale High. Not as a student; this time as a teacher, and sheesh, I'm at wits' end keeping up with my classes. Plus, it's a new building so I'm constantly getting lost. I suppose Mom was right that even a wannabe director should have teaching to fall back on. Thank you, Mom! Here, have a huge stack of barely legible essays to grade.

Is that Mr. Giles I saw in the library? He's still here? You'd think the guy would be up for retirement by now.

I guess I shouldn't talk. I thought with a degree from USC's School of Cinema (minor in entertainment communication) I'd go out and get that plum job right off the bat. Fat chance. I was prepared to do my time pounding the pavement and taking poorly paid assistant to the director positions. But how many directors took one look at me and asked if I wasn't interested in acting instead? All of them. Not that I don't love acting, I was in plays all through high school and college, plus community theater. But the look in their eyes told me they weren't talking Oscar-contending films. Bastards.

So back home I come, tail between my...mmm, yes, let's not finish that thought after the reference to porn films. The school board wasn't really clear on just why the position opened up, but they seemed really eager for a new English/Speech teacher. I guess it doesn't surprise me, we lost teachers left and right when I attended.

When they mentioned they needed someone to take on the drama club, that's when I bit. At least it's a chance to direct, right? Something I can put on my resume when I go back to the grind of trying to get the industry to take me seriously. A first stepping stone, if nothing else.

The first meeting is today, actually in just a few minutes. God, please send me some decent actors to work with! Someone's bucking for the lead already, and we haven't even chosen a play. I got an absolutely gorgeous flower arrangement from one Eric Hamilton. Well, it is nice to have someone willing to bend over backward to kiss my ass for a change, isn't it?

Oh, and as soon as I get into the routine of things, I really need to see if any of my old friends are still in town. //End firewall//

*Picks up a clipboard and looks over the roster of students who have signed up for the club. Looks up expectantly as they begin to filter into the room.*

Welcome! Come in, come in. Wow, we have a big group here, let's all get to know one another, shall we? And then we can get on to the business of picking a play for our Spring Production.
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