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New Girl in the Graveyard

The Restfield Cemetary was one of the largest in Sunnydale; Although certainly not the oldest, that distinction belonged to certain Indian Burial Grounds, and a few unmarked shallow plots just outside the city limits... Of the cemetaries still in use, Restfield was Samantha's favorite. Sure, the Du Lac crypt was broken into so much that Grandpa joked it should have a drive-thru, but all told it was nicely landscaped, quiet, and not too New Age-y- which was a real problem for the industry here in Southern California. Okay... there was the pyramid in the southern corner, but that was about it.

Samathna was using the graves to navigate, in the gathering dusk the place was begining to look differnt than it did during the day. Samantha, in fact no one in her family, ever set foot in a Sunnydale graveyard after sunset alone. They'd buried too many of the town's secrets in these fields to belive that it was worth the risk.

"Benjamin Murphy, 1933-1997. Heat stroke... Bethany White. Beloved Mother. 1941-2001. Cancer." she read the names to herself, usng former clients to navigate. "Marcie MacDonald. 1978-2005. Neck rupture... and a high risk client, according to Dad. A vampire-to-be according to my Watcher, and plain sense."

Samantha leaned on the gravestone opposite Marcie's plot. Sunset was still a bit off, she flicked on her iPod, selected a track from 'Otello' and began to sing softly with the chorus.

Open to any and all in the cemetary.
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