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Well, gosh!

"Well, gosh!"

Not exactly the most inspiring of last words, wouldn't you say? Not exactly a phrase begging to go down in history as a particularly affecting epitaph?

And that whole day...well, not really my most shining moment.

But you put it behind you and move on. Dreams are good, and big dreams are better, but sometimes you have to take stock of your situation, re-assess, and move on.

The time between now and then has been...well, "fuzzy" is a good word. Not unlike that feeling you get after you've partied a bit too hard...though you kids out there, do as we say and not as we did when it comes to having fun, all right?

But I'm back now. Just goes to show the value of planning ahead...

...of course, how was I supposed to plan ahead for waking up naked and shaking like a leaf in the wind in some valley near the Grand Canyon?

Thanks to some of those helpful park ranger folks, though, I'm on my way back home. Got some cash in my pocket -- not to mention a pocket and a whole set of clothes, too -- and a decent enough car. Have to get a new car pretty soon, though. The park rangers in the trunk of this one will really hurt the trade-in value.

Note to the wise: Always keep your sense of humor, even when things look their bleakest.

Ah, yes, home. Sunnydale U.S.A. It's a new lease on life, thanks to my new friend. Time for new goals. New ideas. New ways to kill annoying little girls...and then kill them again. And again.

And maybe even reconnect with my Faith. If I'm here, then so is she...which gives me a bigger warm fuzzy than all the apocalypse put together. lease on life. Fantastic new things coming up on the horizon. Can't wait to get started...
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