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School's Back With a Vengence

Damn. School's startin' again. It's like a party just got started, and I'm already wakin' up with a hangover.

...speaking of party, there must be a few good ones this week...must make a note...

So, school's back. This year will be better than usual. I am a senior, at a really good school. I've got three of the best friends/enemies a girl can have. And last but definately not least, this year I am president of my sorority, which if I may add is a drastic improvement since last year's president, Bitchy McBitch Lisa Rowgan. Should have had her maimed...

Excited about this years rush. I'm sure the gals and I will make this fun on the little shits coming in this year. Can't wait!

Going with the gals tonight to a psychic. I totally don't believe a word of that shit, but then again, it's something to do other than prepping for school.
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