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The Arrival of Solomon the Wise

I find myself at odds with my surroundings. This place is both terrible and bright. The sun
beats upon my brow, the heat and humidity sap my strength, and the very inhabitants disgust and
intrigue me. So different from the shady vales of Arkham to which I have become
accustomed, where shadows, cold, and silence cling to one another to create an air
that is ripe with secrets, whispers, and portents of ill omens. The people of
this strange land are even stranger still. They float through their existence
with cares only for luxuries, hollow niceties, and an eye for the future whose gaze
doesn't even pierce or consider the day after tomorrow.
Ah, ignorance. It truly is a paradise. And those few who have come to know and experience the preternatural miasma that surrounds this hovel will, no doubt, bury their heads in the sand
with all the intelligence of a beast that believes that if his
eyes behold no evil that he shall suffer no evil.

Sunnydale. Even it's name is an obvious attempt to hide and distract from the true nature
of this place. I find it to be utter insanity. It's as if they have taken it upon
themselves to conceal the negative energies that surround them with bright colors and
light heartedness yet, at the same time, clinging to their feigned belief that there is
nothing to be afraid of. They toil, laugh, live, and breathe as if there was nothing
out of the ordinary.

But that, truly, is what separates the masses from the Wise. We who walk with
open eyes to all of the horrors of the Earth and do no divert our gaze simply
from fear of what could be lingering in
the dark.

My abode is currently a hotel that the University has reserved for me. The duration
of my stay will be determined by my findings. I was forced to enspell the security
officers at both departure and arrival just to hold onto my Staff. Being more his
wish than mine, Asmodel is flying here on his own. The distance for him to travel
is enormous and wearisome but I have no doubt he will arrive
in due time.

Until then, most of my work and research will have to be postponed. However, this night
I will dawn the ghostly Dimming and walk unseen among the shadows and those foul
beasts that prowl the night. After meditating on the waves of energy that emanate
from this area I have concluded that they are central to the High School.
Perhaps a visit to this location will prove insightful. If not, then I'm sure
a walk in the night air will be a comfort, nonetheless.

[Open to characters near the HS who have senses and/or sight that can pierce
a spell like the Dimming, which makes it's caster appear even less than the
faintest ghost]
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